Challenging Marathon or Half Marathon within the scenic Sussex countryside...


Q) What time does the race start?

9:30am (could be subject to small changes)

Q) How to I get to the race?

As this is rural Sussex the nearest Train station is Buxted, 5.5 miles away from Heathfield and the first train will only arrive in at 10:30am on Sundays.  If you do need to use public transport it will be easiest to travel on the Saturday and stay in local accommodation.

Q) What is the cost of entry? See HERE

Q) How do I enter? Please see HERE

Race entries may be available on the day but these are not guaranteed at this moment in time. Please note that any on the day entries will subject to availability and an additional entry fee.

Q) I take part in any of the events and raise money for a Charity?

Yes, you are more than welcome to enter the Sussex Marathon and raise money for your chosen charity. We will also be offering special Charity places to a list of specially chosen charities. This list will be published soon.

Q) Is there an age limit for the event? Yes, the minimum age for the half is 17 yrs, marathon 18 yrs.

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